In Naija Music – My quick 2013 Summary.

This year, I fell in and outta love with Naija music. Burna boy delivered a crazy album, as did Waje, Jesse Jaggz teased us with a good video then released a Marijuana manual as a record, Phyno came through on some beast from the East tip, I love that guy. I am still here wondering if CAPital Hill knows quite what to do with Chindinma. 

The quality of the artistry from Naija artists keeps making me shake my head though. One Naija OAP wrote the following on Twitter, I don’t need to dissect it, I don’t want to but let it be known that no artist that values the art can keep perpetrating this kinda fraud. Performing over Notjustokay voice tagged singles is less than a G move, all truth be told.

I copped Olamide’s recent album, Baddest Guy Ever Liveth (BGEL), lemme confess, I was amped about this joint, dude had a monster year, so I paid cash money for it, alright? Moving on, I won’t tell you not to cop the joint, just know this, it ever you wondered what a demo made in a home studio sounds like, look no further. Honestly speaking, they didn’t even mix this joint, I mean, at all!!! You music buying population, y’all are part of the problem, demand better, come on! The mediocrity is damaging yo, these music cats release blatantly sub par joints, artistically AND technologically and y’all go nuts for it!

Look, I’ve seen the light. I will not be flocking with Naija music, financially anymore. Say no to piracy, yeah? But if your cousin’s boyfriend’s sister has that joint, just rip it off her, don’t bother cop a separate piece. Major shout outs to Chocolate City and EME for being exceptions to this, I may not always be a fan of the work they release but I can’t front on the quality of the sound engineering. 

Now, my collective plea to the Naija music industry, it’s about to be a new year, please leave the following in 2013

1. Anything to do with Caro, Mercy, Blessing etc. 

2. Any lewd references to bananas – I’m not a prude but this shit is tiring, find something else that rhymes with ‘na na na & Rihana’ yeah?

3. Any awards to Mode 9 that doesn’t have ‘Hall of Fame or Legacy’ in it. Dude mighta been a the best lyricist in Africa at one point, or so I’m told but homie is just outta sync with this new phase of Naija music.

4. Shooting videos for bangers in South Africa (or in UK and wherever), unless your joint can have the same effect as ‘Do Me’ by P Square or ‘Big Pimpin’ by Jay Z, just allow it. This means you Davido, Timaya but most especially Iyanya!!! His song with Flavour, ‘Jombolo’, should have been a massive hit but that South African video killed it, same with his latest joint, I don’t even know what that one is called, that’s how popular it is. 

5. Please, allow these leather trousers too. Not everyone can pull off the look and even if you can, as soon as you turn up to an event and mad people are rocking the same pants you’re wearing, know that it’s time to retire that joint. Peep these two below, this is the outfit both wore to the recently concluded ‘Headies Awards’ (Iyanya’s T shirt is kinda dope though). 

This year, I’m thankful that real Naija Rap is getting the exposure it deserves, Phyno, Base-One, Olamide, Reminisce, I’m excited about them, Naija ladies also seem to be getting good media exposure, Waje is a dope, dope vocalist, I fux with her major.  I’m amped about this new kid called Ayo-Jay, Shaydee and Niyola, I’m excited to hear what Wizkid will deliver on his sophmore joint and most of all, this new Hausa cat, Kamar! His song with Pucado ‘Imposter’ was unfairly slept on but, this is a fresh face from the North, he could be major next year. There’s also this rapper chick called AT, her swag is on a trillion and she’s fresh, in the same way Burna Boy is, let’s see if she gets the shine she deserves in ‘14. 

Happy New Year. 

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