New Year, Same Old.

No, I’m not saying that on some cynical tip but… Look, the universe could give a damn about our Gregorian calendar, yeah? So, let the change commence when it occurs to you that they are needed. This means me, obviously.

On a serious note though, I’m about to let some sunshine in, I spent the last year angry or wounded about some things, things that shouldn’t have surprised me. This is the problem when one’s pride is as huge as mine is,  even expected ish can be bruising. I realise what a handicap this can be and I am working on it (This change started in December, so it is technically not a ‘New Year’ induced changed)

I like someone. A lot.

When someone drops a line like the above, it appears romantic, right? Well, not in my case. I had a dalliance at the end of last year, apparently, the reason I couldn’t stick is that I am still heartbroken. This is one question or accusation one can never really defend. It’s like someone accusing one of being mad, the more one denies it, the more it looks true and silence can also be construed as a tacit admission of the damn thing. Okay, lemme just say this, no, I’m not nursing a heart break. Kai.

Do you ever meet someone you think you’d like to keep around? Like something about them speaks to your chemical make up and you look at dude and you’re like, ‘y’know, we go together’, I am not sure this happens to other people, or perhaps it does.

Alright, back to the someone I like. Honestly, dude doesn’t really deserve a post from me. He’s cocky and has no filter, none! But being the kinda person I am, I get drawn to that, I get hit with the ‘I’ve never met a girl like you before’ line a lot and I’m sure he’s thinking it too. I like homie though but here’s the deal, not in the romantic sense*  he could be around for a long time, ‘friend zone’ can be kinda bland, so that is not what I mean, I’m working on pinning down what capacity I’d like dude around in.

(*the one I like in that sense doesn’t intrigue me enough, it’s a base desire, I look at him and I see ‘sex’. Don’t get me wrong, there is nothing wrong with that but sex is everywhere and it really doesn’t move me. Unless homie and I get stuck in a dark room or something, the chances of it actually popping off are quite slim) 

Things to leave in 2013 

1. Spending silly money on gadgets. (Headphones especially)
2. Procrastinating.

Okay, I’ve done the needful and made my own list. 🙂

Take care.

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