The ‘Lupita craze’ is one I’m excited about but yeah,  maybe a tad bit wary. Essentially, I’ve nothing new to say about it.

Maybe some just discovered that the dark, dark skin can beautiful,  or that African people don’t go around speaking ‘truth’ on the ‘sun, stars and earth’, I dunno.

Melanin can be a show off, Lupita is her nascent High Priestess. She’s aesthetically striking whilst being about more. Yeah, they’ve prolly fetishised her but that is ‘their’ problem, to be frank. 

Ms. Nyongo’o strikes me as a level headed chick, she knows what it is. If now they celebrate her because her fashion sense knocks or because of her acting chops, I cannot be mad at that. When the last time you seen a chick rock a high top with the 90’s hip hop part on the red carpet?

Whatever it is, I’m in a Lupita loop. If tomorrow another fly chick is all the rage, it’s all good, this fame ish ain’t promised and she earned it honestly. Besides, I’m stanning for her real hard right now, she speaks 5 languages for goodness’ sake, forget that she looks like she was sculpted on God’s happiest day. I flocks with her, be it as an actor, a fashion head or as an uber intelligent chick. From a completely selfish point of view, it’s nice to see an African actor that is just like your typical Hollywood star and a bit more.

Now, let the Oscar folk act right and hand her that damn gold thing.


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