Rerun: Celibacy?

Yeah. You need to have a quick fling from time to time. I am of course speaking to and for myself. 

I’ve been celibate outta choice. A. I am far from my physical peak, I’m currently working with some excess I’m working hard to take off.  May I say, just try to eat the right ish to begin with, this losing weight business is not for the feeble minded, yeah?

B. I had a crazy recent experience that I am not sure I can top. I felt like I lost something when it was over, it was so, so intense but in a ‘we can be done with this and sip some gin kinda’ way.

There were no strings but the attraction was crazy. It always a good look with a partner who understand your body, whose ears are attuned to reactions, you know? I felt like I was scorched, like a thirst I’d no idea I had was quenched, like my quivering limbs were all marrow… I wish I could transfer the feeling with these words, I’m failing though. It’s like being thrown off a cliff only to discover you had wings all along.

I had me a crazy experience recently…. 🙂 See, sex is about sounds as much as touch… My favorite take away from this situation are the sounds, they pop into my head when I least expect them…  Remembering, watching someone’s toes curl and thinking, yeah, I did that! 

C. The mind appreciates discipline. :-). 

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