TRNC by Jesse Jagz – A Review.


So, I copped Jagz Nation Vol. 1, it was forgettable, give or take 3 songs. Still, I was amped for this project. Because Jagz is a music lover’s artist, underneath it all, pound for pound, I rate homie very highly. A southpaw on stage with cats comfortable in their typical orthodox stance.

That outta the way, how does a dude call his album the The Royal Niger Company and serve up a mish mash of gruel and pre masticated suya as tracks? The craziest part of this shit is, I’m sure homie is stroking his braids, convinced of his own utter genius.

Do you know what it means to call something ‘The Royal Niger Company’? Did you peep the artwork? Dude basically made dinner, set the mood, threw roses all on the floor leading to the bed and when the chick stripped down to her birthday suit, he climbed into bed, turned the lights ON and promptly fell asleep. That’s the kinda teasing fuckery TRNC album is.

This is a heavy title to give an album, it’s like Mayweather talking trash and getting knocked out by a sucker punch! I won’t bother reviewing the album, nope, if you listen, you must suffer like I did!

There is no binding theme to this project, dude is basically high off his own supply, the first track is a damn near 7 minute track praising Jesse Jagz, made by Jasse Jagz, for Jesse Jagz because I, honest to goodness, do not see how one who doesn’t think homie is some new age messiah can stand to listen to this shit more than 2 times, tops.

Okay, lemme be nice, if you’ve got 10 minutes, listen to track 3 ‘Oceans & Lakes feat. Sarah Mitaru and DuGod. One of the few tracks on the album without a sample, also, peep track 7, High Life, this joint makes it into my list of the top songs I’ve heard year thus far… This is a long track but trust me, you won’t notice, it’s that’s good, Rexx in particular does God’s work on it. The vexing thing is, if homie had the right folks around him, High Life is the kinda promise the album basically dipped on. Oh, I also really like the hook on ‘Sunrise’, I wish I could find a way to scrap dude’s rap off the joint, arrrrrrgh!

I dunno what’s wrong with Jesse, dude is undoubtedly talented, but when you surround yourself with yes men, dudes who can’t look you in the eye and tell you to buck up, this is what happens.

For a perfect illustration of what I’m on about, peep the track feat. SDC, I flocks with lyrics, heavy, so I gave this a thorough listen, dude basically paints mini images that fall flat because it’s all essentially empty posturing.He comes off as a Nigerian Canibus, saying all kindsa smart shit that don’t add up to much, it’s a running theme through the album. And, perhaps that’s his aim.

Jesse has a decision to make, is he content with being diefied by a few who are impressed by his easy ability to sound like he’s saying something of depth or is interested in eating off this music hustle? Jesse stays tryna find himself, like a man of  the world bound to Naija through no fault of his own, he tried the whole Jamaican steez, it was cool for one track but homie decided an entire album of patois via Jos was what we deserved and here, dude is grappling with an overly intrusive African-American arch, for an album that is by name and art all Nigerian, this is mad disappointing, I can’t even front.

I was willing to pay for TRNC, but after this shit I heard, I’m happy I saved that £8.99, gonna cop me a nice bottle of red and pour out a little for Jesse’s coherence and wish dude a trip back on to terra firma real quick.



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