The sun’s out in my city… This occurrence is a thing of wonder, if you happen to reside in London, you’ll agree. 

I spent the better part of the weekend hanging out with folks who reinforce the fear that’s constant with me; I know nothing. Well traveled people who speak the language of art galleries and evening soirees held on the terrace of some high rise blocks in in cities I’m yet to visit. 

I’ve only been two one place that required a stamp on arrival, well two but Morocco is so close it almost doesn’t count. 

Soon though, I cannot be in such haste that I wander aimlessly should I travel, I don’t know how to plan things, if they pop, it’ll be because the stars took a liking to me at that time. I need to map out some sorta list, to keep a semblance of order about this dream. I’m on it. 

Oh, lust is a powerful thing, I ran into an old friend, one with a mouth so tempting I could have given in. But, you’ve gotta say no sometimes, especially to pleasures that’ll burden the mind later. I’m growing, my mother would be proud. 🙂 

I bought a camera, the first I’ve owned with a viewfinder, my third camera. I am not enamoured with him yet, I know I will be. I lost the eyecup to said viewfinder. 

It’s a case of wanderlust and it’s gnawing at me unhurriedly. Listening to Miles Davis do his thing does not help either, all three parts of Flameco Sketches.  


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