Another birthday passed. At the risk of sounding depressed, lemme just say, I’m grateful to be alive, let the gods and my ancestors hear me.

Now, I don’t get crazy excited about birthdays, old friends call, family you never really see, my awkward around anything remotely emotional pops sends me a birthday text because it is too embarrassing for him to actually say the words, my mother calls, writes and leaves voice messages, streams of prayers of prayer offered; May you find a husband soon, may you stay well, etcetera. I don’t mind all all this, actually, it amuses me.

My boys came, as I knew they would, it was good to see them both, the chemistry we had a trio has faded a great deal, one’s newly married, become rather strange in his deportment, the other’s been married for a minute, he’s still the same guy. Stil, it was good to just chill, talk and be the ‘KQ Connect’ again.

The newly married friend took his leave at around midnight, me and my other boy were left, talking, planning…. This is basically what we do, we share a lot of the same interests and we look for ways to parley that into something tangible, it’s all based on what we know, what we like and what we’ve done. We’ve never cashed out majorly on anything but dude’s really into urban fashion, I’m into photography, we married that and came up with PIF. Dude’s the best man I know, an old fashioned stand up guy.

Randomly, he paused and said, ‘Can I ask you something?’, I’m like ‘sure’. Dude asks me if I’m seeing someone and why I’m not…. He says ‘You’re too cool to be by yourself’. I answer him honestly, being single doesn’t keep me up at night. He asked me about my ex, tells me maybe I expected too much, I shrug. He says he hopes I’m more patient in future.

I know why he asked, he often says when he’s had terrible days, he goes home to to his wife and he feels so much better. Like I said, he’s real good dude, he wants the same for me, Married at 26, he leaves no doubt that he made the right choice. It’s admirable.

So, here’s a toast, I wish you all friends who’ll wish you only good things.

Dude left not long after, our conversation gave me one of those half smiles. I had a good birthday, spent it with people that I’d like to keep.


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