So, I’m back in Istanbul again.

The city is a bag of contradictions, but I dig it, I took a long walk today, well off the paths one would expect tourists to lurk.

The sheets are crisp and cool, the room is nice.

I walked the streets today, took in the some Turkish idiosyncrasies, I dig this city.

I had the best lamb chops and quinoa I’ve ever tasted today, I ate the lamb medium…. See, my taste is moving on up 🙂

On a back alley, I ran into some guitar players… I sang with them, they told me ‘oh you sing very nice’, I didn’t think to ponder on the sincerity of the compliment, it made me smile.

I’m alone in my hotel room, alone… My libido is running riot. :-). That means nothing for the most part, except frustation. Ah! Celibacy clears the mind and brings one better understanding of one’s dreams. Erm, so I heard.

If you’ve not heard of Rokia Traore, do yourself a favour, cop her album. I’m listening to a joint called ‘Koronoko’ as I type this… Her guitar understands what I’d rather be doing right now…. That aside though, the joint suits my mood perfectly, her voice, it’s on some West African blues tip, check it out, really.

Music though. Plus the aforementioned, I played the below whilst typing this.

Kelly Hansome – Nwa Biara Ije

Dwele – Truth.



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