8s In Taksim.

Oh my.

I’ve been knowing that I suffer all kinda odd sexual proclivities. This one discovery is new though. I planned to have a chilled afternoon in Taksim, walk around, take photos etecetra. So, I was sitting in one of the many alfresco joints, along walk homie above. I noticed his shoes first.

He sat at my table, he smelt like cinamon, ‘you speak Engish’? I nodded. I found dude crazy sexy, I can’t even lie. We made silly small talk, ‘I’m waiting for my friend, we’re going to the LGTB protest’, then it made sense, the killer heels, his slightly effete mannerisms. He put his cigarette between my lips, sat on my lap and asked me to come protest with him. I was completely game, hmmn? Dude stood about a foot taller than me, in his heels. ‘This protest is for freedom, for love and good sex’, I nodded, I could certainly get with that. I followed him to the protest meeting point, there were a was a bunch of wacky, gorgeous rainbow folk. I walked with dude, him holding my hand tryna get me to keep up. It got a little wild for me, I told him I needed to leave, he asked that I meet him by the fountain later. I’m very, very tempted but I think I’ve gotta stand homie up, I’m much too game and judging by my past things I’ve managed to get myself into, it’s the best decision. But damn, do I find him sexy!

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