20 Facts About Me.

2013-01-26 21.28.59

1. I never cut the pinky nail on my left hand. I don’t how I got into this habit but I let it grow, it gets rather long and breaks off. And, I need a manicure!

2. I am often confused about my age. This sounds odd, right? But there’s a huge chunk of my life that I don’t remember. if you ask me how old I am, I sorta stumble, until a key event reminds me. This doesn’t happen all the time, only when I am not expecting the question.

3. I recently developed a taste for beer. A particular kinda beer, larger I think. Well, the kind that looks like urine.

4. I am a sucker for aesthetics. Beautiful buildings, gadgets and handwriting. Oh, I also own mad pairs of Converses, I don’t know how many exactly but maybe over 30? But I like 3 in particular. I got a dutch wax pair recently, they are rather piff, if I say so myself.

5. I’ve been writing what others call poetry for a long time but I am not a fan of poetry as such, it strikes me as rather moist. Though, I heard a dope piece and it’s making me reconsider this stance.

6. I am a huge Hip-Hop head. I watch battle raps when I’ve nothing else to do. No, actually, I watch battle raps for pleasure! My current favourites are: B. Magic, Tori Doe, Official and Jaz The Rapper. This is liable to change. I think my affection for words and their manipulation stems from the fact that I could do it from a young age and I am fascinated by others who do it well.

7. I enjoy taking photos of my shoes. No, I don’t know why.

8. Romance makes me cringe. It all seems rather insincere but, I kinda dig spontaneity so perhaps I need to make the latter work to achieve the former? Nah, I don’t see it though.

9. I can teach myself a language. I taught myself Spanish but, I didn’t use it for three years, so I forgot most of what I learned. I can still follow a conversation. But I did it to myself! If only I kept it up!

10. My mother thinks I am insufferably arrogant. ‘Just like your father’. I, of course, don’t agree. It’s just I think I’ve won every argument we’ve had. I imagine that is rather annoying to her. 🙂

11. I co-own a t-shirt brand. Next year, I’m going to be all serious about setting it up to make us some money. Right now, we’re doing it pretty much for the love it. A nice person offered to help me with projections and accounting and such like but numbers give me a headache.

12. Beautiful women leave me tongue tied at first. I can be socially awkward around them, like, extremely.

13. I find it rather easy to talk to beautiful men, almost every one I’ve met has been intimidated by me. Not because I am particularly attractive but, I suppose my attempt at flirting comes off as some introduction to sadomasochism. Or something,

14. I loathe scary films. I’ve failed to see the point in them. Add roller-coasters to that list too.  Imagine being all on a roller-coaster and throwing up. That’s me lower-casing my own G. Nah mate, leave it, yeah?

15. I like the chase. The thrill of liking someone and reading their body language, seeing how to fashion my approach. This has only failed once, which is still a sore point. Sigh.

16. I write short stories. I was going to enter one into this Commonwealth Prize situation but I got cold feet. Arrrrgggghhh. That’s so not a good look, I might do it next year.

17. I have a birthmark on my face!

18. I have a guitar called Chiamaka, I was tryna teach myself to play. But, as is my wont, I got bored and she’s been sitting on her stand for prolly two years. I will learn but I think i need some sorta incentive.

19. I still need to lose some excess weight. Might I say, in my mind, I am like hyper nice and all that, but I have body image issues that completely heat up my cool.  Every time I start feeling myself, I remember that I’m now a chubster and that always leaves me standing in a puddle of dissolved cool, tryna salvage what’s left of my esteem, it’s a cold world! .

20. It was super hard coming up with this list. I am currently listening to P-Square’s ‘Do Me’. The reason? I am keen to explore Nigeria’s modern music history. And this is research.


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3 thoughts on “20 Facts About Me.

  1. Hey!

    You taught yourself Spanish. I’m doing the same now, and it’s fun, but I often get stuck.

    Also, like all languages, practice makes perfect, and ahora, no tengo a nadie con quien puedo practicar mi vocabulario y pronuncaciones. Would you practice with me, please? Are you on Twitter? What’s your handle?

    I just discovered your blog at random, and I am working my way through it. It reads like fun.


  2. frankzephyr on said:

    It this write-up has some kinda humour. 3rd post I have just read from your blog. Interesting something…


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