3x. 1

I open the door, expecting to find a quiet house, I had planned to spend a quiet evening watching tv and thumbing through magazines.

I saw her before she saw me, a brown skin woman, slim, she looked rather comfortable in her leggings and vest top, she she was dancing to an r&b song on the Tv. I cleared my throat and she turned around, completely startled.

‘I see  I interrupted your little party there. Mind telling me who you are and what you’re doing in my house’?

She narrowed her eyes as she searched for words, she had a dimple in her chin, cute, i thought. Just then the door open and we both turned.

I laughed, it seemed like some bad drama as he tried to explain

“Whoa, how,erm, listen, erm” I raised my hand to stop him from saying more.

“Do you mind telling me who this woman is and what she is doing in my house?”

He loosened his tie as he looked from her to me. ‘listen, I can explain, she is, I mean, we didn’t expect you back until Monday’

‘We’? I let out a short laugh, I should be angry but I wasn’t.

‘You mean to tell me, you and this, this thing were playing man and whore because I wasn’t around’?

She still hadn’t said a word, she was looking at him quizzically.

‘Yemi, listen, she’ll leave now and we can talk’ I was too calm, it was supposed to scare him and I think it was working.

‘No, she won’t leave, that’d be too easy, you’re both going to tell me how long this little charade has been going on because quite clearly, our guest here appears rather comfortable in my house’.

I looked at her now, standing by the sofa, silent. She was very good looking, dark black hair in two house braids, they made her look really young, younger than I guessed she was. She also looked sorry, sorrier than I liked, I expected some defiance but my calmness must have disturbed her too.

I took off my jacket, tossed it on the L-shaped sofa, it was too quiet.

‘James, if I wasn’t here, what would you have done as you walked in the door, don’t tell me, show me’

She looked at me squarely then, then back at him. I liked that he seemed afraid, it excited me.

I gestured for him to continue the welcome home ritual and ignore me, he walked towards her, she, standing in the same spot, still wearing the puzzled expression. He planted a chaste kiss on her lips and walked to the sofa. He sat down, his head in his hands. I almost felt sorry for him. Instead I turned towards her.

‘So, you’ve been fucking my husband, hmmn?’ I was calm, spoke softly.

She nodded but I wanted to hear her talk ‘why’, I asked, she shrugged. ‘No, speak, tell me why despite seeing a ring on this man’s finger you decided to fuck him anyway’.

‘I tried to stop it, I did but I couldn’t’. She said this, sounding more assured that I thought she should. I smiled at her, I knew James was watching, squirming. That turned me on even more. I liked how this felt, being in control of two people, she couldn’t understand why he seemed so cowed and this in turn made her nervous, I really liked that.

‘Come here to me’ and she came, all docile like, this was too good.

I ran my thumb over her eyebrows and her left ear ‘so my husband likes fucking you, hmmn. Do you make him cum?’

She nodded. ‘When was the last time you made him cum?’ She didn’t respond. ‘Answer me, when was the last time?’

‘I, I don’t know’.

I pulled her close and whispered my thoughts, she stood against me, rigid and nervous, I had to stop myself laughing, we were about the same height, 5’6, but she felt strangely slight.

‘Is that okay with you’? She nodded again, I let her go and watch her walk towards James. He had been watching us, raptly.

She took his hands and pulled him up.

‘Yemi, what’s the meaning of all this, ehn? Don’t you think you’ve gone far enough with your sick little game?’

‘James, don’t raise your voice at me. Ask your little girlfriend if she’s uncomfortable’

He turned to ask her, she quickly put a finger on his lips and led him towards the bedroom.

I followed behind and stood by the door.

‘Hey, I’m going to come in okay?’ I was looking at her, I wasn’t much concerned what he had to say…. She shrugged.

I took a seat by the window, the room was big, too big, The bed had crisp, clean bed linen laid, the air conditioner hummed and for a moment I reconsidered…

She remembered what I said i thought as she unbuckled his belt, he made a feeble attempt to get her to stop but she swatted his hand away. He was looking at me with hard eyes, I gave him a sneer and shrugged.

She knelt before him, I knew he liked to wear boxers, she was instructed not to take his trousers off until I said so.

I watched as she kissed his now hard penis, tentatively at first, then she opened her mouth to it. He liked it, I could tell by the sigh he let out, by way his lids fluttered shut and open again.

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One thought on “3x. 1

  1. KIRIGI on said:

    Interesting but sounds OYINBOish cuz no typical naija gal could ve permitted the other gal the way the author did, there must ve been some drama! I trust my yoruba gals


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