PïF – Patriots Tee.

I had thing in the summer. I co-own a t-shirt company with a friend of mine. We decided to do a series for the Nigerian army. Turned our well, I was proud of the experience. It’s not often one gets to be down for a cause, sounds kinda corny but there was a thrill to it. We didn’t raise mad money but that was prolly because I didn’t make as many as I should have. It’s not like we had a bunch of money lying around and we needed to be sure that we could get people to want to wear it.

Anyways, I roped in a couple of people to model the tee. The idea was to keep it down to earth, I didn’t want the shoot to look too contrived. I am still after a really girly girl to sport the tee. Do get at me if this is you.


Sean, I met dude at a joint called Bogobiri, he was there for his friend’s birthday and I was there with a friend of minw, just catching up. Dude was outside talking and I notice him right away, he had the look I wanted, I approached him and asked, he was mad cool, said yes and didn’t ask for anything. He’s repped the shirt well too, wore it to a bunch of places that led to enquiries. Good dude.


Uche Odoh, a budding film maker in a white Paid In Full (PIF) medium tee. We met online, she’s a pretty cool chick.

Ogonna PIf2

OG, we’ve been friends for a while. She has this dope androgyny thing going on. I had always wanted her to model a PIF tee. She duly obliged on a short trip to London.

I’ll prolly make more of these, I need to gauge the demand and the process was so much fun!

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2 thoughts on “PïF – Patriots Tee.

  1. Bold Kid on said:

    Heyy…just read your post…this is a really coooool concept…I just hope it becomes a brand. Would really wanna be part of it. I’m a Ghanian/Nigerian (More Nigerian) tho. This is my twitter (@kidbold). I could just have that perfect chick you need for the shoot. So long.


  2. MacKestro on said:

    Great concept and nice tee shirt. @jessy_deremi is an upcoming model and she’s great. Thanks! My handle @MacKestro


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