Forgetting Jesse.


I spent  some time this evening discussing Jesse Jagz. Yeah. The premise was ‘Chocolate City’ had no superstar head producer yet the managed to make 3 (maybe 4) legit stars who continue to enjoy varying degrees of fame. I was pulled up on that, I had been careless in forgetting how instrumental Jagz was to CC’s ascent as a legitimate hit factory,

I like and continue to be disappointed (frustrated?) by Jesse’s work. L.O.V.E U was my favourite love song for a minute, then the sheer majesty of his production on Oleku…. Brymo will often testify that Jagz encouraged him to sing in Yoruba more often, to be ‘truer’ to himself as an artist. The former was often worried about how  songs sung in Yoruba would be received by a wider audience. It was golden advice; Jagz the creative director.

What I dig most about dude’s production is, he has no signature sound, I had rocked to many of the hits I forgot about when I initially sent out my mischievous tweets, he made made Good Morning by Brymo also made Anoti by M.I. He’s not noisy about it, I don’t see this changing, for a dude who can legitimately claim to have produced some modern classics. his joint are not voice-tagged, nor is he shouted out by the artist; this in an age where even the mixing and mastering engineers want to announce themselves on tracks (Sheyman, Suka, I see you) dude has, in true Jagz style just let the music do what it does.

Would he do better as to have production as his main bread and butter? Lyrically, dude has been off point lately, his new Jamaican by Jos sound has left me rather cold, though the joints stay well produced, his subject matter leaves much to be desired, right? He’s arguably the most complete artist of his generation, but he risks being lost in the din. He’s taken control of his destiny with the founding of Jese Jagz Nation, the right move on one hand but on the other, he has liberty to marinate in his esocterica, without a seemingly honest party to ask him if he if he has any interest in finding a new audience outside the already captured Jagz die-hards. Or perhaps it is that I just don’t quite get it, though he has successfully escaped partaking in the ephemera that constitutes most Naija releases these days, hits still remain a beat makers offering… I pray Jagz’s alter never runs out of libation. I might be off him as a lyricist (for the time being) but he has much more than that to offer.

It won’t do for me to forget Jagz again, he’s paid his dues. 🙂

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2 thoughts on “Forgetting Jesse.

  1. Anonymous Aboki on said:

    I think when an artiste is at liberty to do what (s)he wants with respect to their art form, irrespective of “commercial angles”, that’s where you find true beauty! So, I don’t think gaining a new audience should be foremost to an artiste, or at least one like Jesse, like you may have been implying – Jamaican by Jos sound. He’s already got us, and our loyalty, so, we’d always be there – I believe that’s why he had those series of concerts where they were no other acts aside him late last year. Now, new audiences can either join the movement, strictly because they’re feeling the boy and not because he catered to their weak tastes, or keep dancing shoki. Talib sort of mirrored my sentiments with a post for Lauryn Hill on Medium, although, her own don enter a’seju!
    Brilliant piece..
    PS. You know Ice Prince used to be fire – Money Rmx, Somebody Wants To Die etc..and M.I, despite his ability to balance lyricism and commercialism, is now more of a crowd pleaser..


  2. busolasanusi on said:

    “fast money fast cars”.. that’s Kraftmatiks production though…

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