Almost Crown.

Photo Credit: Rog Walker

Photo Credit: Rog Walker

I’m going on a little social media haitus. I dig it a lot, a bit too much. I haven’t read a good book in a minute. Oh, I left my Kindle and iPad in Madrid, so I must cop a Kindle at the very least.

Still, I’ve a desire to just read books and not have an opinion on anything for the next couple of weeks, immerse myself in some music too. I’m writing this down so I can shake my head at myself if I wimp out. I’ll prolly re-up my blog more often too. 🙂


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One thought on “Almost Crown.

  1. Yemmy on said:

    I found that you were missing on my timeline and was wondering why. I checked your timeline and found this. I have 8 books ordered, 4 pending to be read and the only reason i haven’t is i spend the little time i have trying to catch up on all my timelines : (

    You are doing this for us going through the struggle right now. I miss you though.

    Big hug, read and drink up!


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