Please & Please.

Bande de Filles

I finished a book…. Yeah, this is little victory.

I had a little thought whilst watching a film earlier. It’s dope by the way, you should totally peep it. Odd how the film depicted French teenagers and I could totally empathise? I recognised some of the madness I was on as a teenager, that aside, it’s always refreshing to see female camaraderie onscreen, friendship between women is one of the dopest things ever.

Oh, the film; the struggles of being a cultural hybrid of sorts –  ‘Girlhood’, starring a motley crew of Afro-French folk.

Karidja Touré & Assa Sylla

Karidja Touré & Assa Sylla. Photograph: Magali Delporte

The thought I had; It’s good to swallow your pride, but not so much you start to choke on it, I saw it too often as kid, I thought it was noble until it dawned on me how resentful it can make one. I’ve been told too often that I don’t like to apologise, I think I’m always right, blah, blah…. I am all of those things, it’s just the sum is not as bad as the parts suggest :-). Ehen, swallowing pride, do it as long as it feels good to you. It doesn’t to me

The joints I’m on right now; 3rd Mainland Bridge by M.I x Morti Cakes, Loving You by Victoria Kimani x Ice Price, both off the ICBN album by Choc Boi Nation. It’s a nice album.

My Mac, Nkem, just came on yesterday…… I decided to turn it on after 6 months and voila!

I’m still flexing my fingers, I’m mad rusty when it comes to blogging, argh!


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