Sugar & Spice.

Like this.

Like this.

I like nudes.

It’s odd. I don’t get aroused looking at them but I like to look at them. I only like partial nudes though, I like to save some work for my imagination.

I love hands, slim, well manicured fingers.  Veiny forearms.

I really like involuntary physical quirks people have. An ex of mine would hold his neck to one side whilst reading. That’s how I knew when he was pretending (long story).

I like to learn bodies. So with my eyes closed, I can see goovess, beauty spots, veins, scars and other things.

I like ‘innie’ belly buttons.

I wanted to write and I got stuck, then I was asked a random question by someone I sorta have a thing for, I wasn’t in the mood to answer then. As it is when you like someone, you might say one thing then wonder if you shoulda said that. Really, I do that. Let’s call this person….. Lanrè

What if Lanrè reads this you might ask? Well, I am sure Lanrè has read all my other posts, so, what’s another one, hmmmn? :-).

My sister is getting married. Every conversation I have with my mother is about the wedding. I am so bored of it, goodness! I am the very last person they should talk to about these kinda things, I am clearly not interested. I’ve taken to giving monosyllabic answers, they’ll get it soon enough.

Oh yes! If you have certain sexual proclivites, you must ask your partner if you can indulge in them (this is me assuming they’ll only involve adult humans!). See, if you don’t ask, you might never find out. Then you’ll go cheat, get caught, all your things will be thrown out on the wet pavement and you’ll be out there looking like a sucker. All because you like to have sex in the garden and you went and did it with someone else. Don’t be that person, yeah? And in any case, if they say “no” now, try again in two months.

I have listed to a lot of new music lately. The Internet – Ego Fix, Rico Love – Turn The Lights Off, George Ezra – Wanted On A Voyage.

I think my muse is pleased that I didn’t waste the visit. I wrote something.


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