Access Granted – The W Awards

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I love what Access Bank is currently doing, rather random, I know.

The bank seems to have grasped what has eluded many Nigerian companies and continues to do so, it listens! It’s not averse to getting to know its audience and being better when it falls short.

The bank is celebrating women, a noble thing to do, the more visible high acheiving women are, the more young women know and believe that the world is their proverbial oyster.

This was Access’ first attempt at it.

Narrow, confused & offensive

Suffice it to say its primary audience was less than pleased, the bank seemed to have missed the point, portrayed this idea that men were a hurdle by their inherrent maleness – A misrepresentation that’s unfairly attributed to high achieving women.

Then there was this one. This ad was so incredibly tone deaf I couldn’t believe it left the copy board! There is nothing wrong with being a woman who enjoys cooking or is particularly creative with it but this is such an arcane depiction. Many young women will be creative in the kitchen, boardrooms, stalls, on the web etc. The irony was that an ad that celebrated women’s creativity found the most trite way of making the point.  Horrible!

The bank then did something rather rare in Nigerian media sphere (where the preferred mode is: DEFEND at all cost, loudly and brashly) – They apologised!

This was definitely a win and showed that they had learnt a lesson. It also shifted the conversation back to where it ought to be, on the outstanding Nigerian women whose efforts and achievements were to be recognised. It’s a small big thing, awards in themselves are small in the sense that they are so personal and subjective. But it’s a big thing, women whose fame, wealth and success was acheived through hard work, married, single, young, older, all being given access to the same platform and celebrated because of who they are. No vicarious achievements or ‘we give glory to God‘ stories when asked how they did it. These women are ready to be examples to girls from Ketu to Kanfanchan and that, ought to be celebrated.

The women in the above video occupy a wide plethora of jobs in non tradional roles, proving that mrriage, feminity and motherhood are not incompatible with success; you can be a wife and an entreprenuer, a mother and the chairman of the board, etcetera.

A woman can be many things

All this said, Access has certain set a trend for top Nigerian companies now. Social media can be tricky to navigate but listen to feedback, admit a wrong and work at being better. Traits not uncommon with what Access is trying to celebrate; women who could have given up at the first hurdle, at the first ‘no’ but kept going. It all almost seemed planned by Access, no?

Vote for your canditates, support this cause, it’ll be worth it. 🙂


One time for the good folk at Access Bank, this is a dope thing.

*Disclaimer – This isn’t a paid post.

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  1. Very innovative!


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