The Spot – We Talk It Out.


The desk! Peep the empty photo frame.

I started a podcast.

I’ve actually wanted to do this for two years and I kept putting it off, typical procrastination, it’s how I do. I’m tryna be better about that actual.

So, yeah. The podcast has received warm reception so far, that’s all the encouragement I need; I want to be on a grown tip. Discuss things that don’t ordinarily get discussed with Nigerians as the primary audience.

Anyways, the latest episode, I had @AcesOnSpades as the guest. Might I say, dude is the bravest Nigerian I’ve come across. Just living his life, being himself and as you may know, nothing is surer to drive Nigerians crazy so that makes it even more fun! See, y’all need to learn to live thy TRUTH! Even as I say it, I’m struggling to be as ‘IDGAF’ as I should be but seeing it in action and seeing how free dude is, made me rather gleeful.

So, I wrote a music review that was received with fire and brimstones by the artist’s fans. I stay amused by these people’s reactions. Is it ever that serious? Don’t be an asshole on the internet, I get it that y’all love dude but don’t be a douche. Disagree if you will, I actually enjoy that. On the upside, the artist himself gave a nice response to it and we’ve even had exchanges discussing the music business. He’s an intelligent guy. Just a random note, I review music because I care about it, I was doing it before it went on NJO, I’ll keep on doing it after, y’all should  (the fans filled with vitriol!) prolly lighten up, no?

So, I think dude might have convinced me to actually use the scale that I copped. I don’t even think I’ve stepped on it once, I’m paranoid about putting in mad work and it not being reflected on the scale. But it needs to be done. Gotta be sexy for the summer! (Never mind that I’ve said it before, I mean it for real this time. Erm, yeah.)

Last week of having so much time to myself, looking forward to it, not. But, these bills must be paid!

Oh, check out DVSN’s music on Soundcloud, truly dope R&B.

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